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CD #65
Preis: 12,67 EUR
incl. 16 % Tax excl.
CD #65

Konzert mit Mitgliedern der Berliner Philharmoniker und Gästen auf historischen Instrumenten vom 5. Oktober 2008

im Kammermusiksaal der Berliner Philharmonie in der Serie Originalklang
Musikalische Kostbarkeiten des Barock  
Georg Muffat
1 Sonata Nr. 2 g-Moll für zwei Violinen, zwei Violen 1 und Basso continuo aus dem Armonico tributo (1682)
Sonata: Grave – Allegro – Grave –Forte e allegro – Grave (5'53)
2 Aria (2'09)
3 Sarabanda: Grave – Grave (3'32)
4 Borea: Alla breve (1'00)
Bernhard Forck 1. Violine, Raimar Orlovsky 2. Violine
Georg Philipp Telemann
5 Sonata g-Moll für zwei Violinen, zwei Violen, Violoncello und Generalbass TWV 44:33
(spätestens 1732) – Grave (2'04)
6 Allegro (2'20)
7 Adagio (2'19)
8 Vivace (1'29)
Raimar Orlovsky 1. Violine, Bernhard Forck 2. Violine
Johann Heinrich Schmelzer
(spätestens 1623-1680)
9 Serenata con altre arie a-Moll (1669)
Serenata (1'20)
10 Erlicino – Adagio – Allegro (2'11)
11 Ciaccona (3'16)
12 Campanella – Lamento – Campanella (2'23)
Georg Philipp Telemann
13 Sonata f-Moll für zwei Violinen, zwei Violen, Violoncello und Generalbass TWV 44:32
(spätestens 1714) – [Adagio] (1'29)
14 [Allegro] (1'54)
15 Largo (1'59)
16 Presto (1'44)
Bernhard Forck 1. Violine, Raimar Orlovsky 2. Violine
Johann Jakob Froberger
17 Partita Nr. 2 d-Moll für Cembalo solo FbWV 602 aus dem Libro secondo di toccate, fantasie etc. (1649) – Allemanda (4'37)
18 Courant (1'36)
19 Sarabanda (0'59)
20 Gigue (2'20)
Michaela Hasselt Cembalo
Georg Philipp Telemann
21 Sonata B-Dur für zwei Violinen, zwei Violen, Violoncello und Generalbass TWV 44:34
(spätestens 1729) – Adagio (1'59)
22 Allegro (2'34)
23 Adagio (1'15)
24 Allegro (2'31)
Raimar Orlovsky 1. Violine, Bernhard Forck 2. Violine
Concerto Melante
Members and guests of the Berliner Philharmoniker on historical instruments
The year 2008 saw the official launch of the melante consort on the international music scene. The ensemble is named after Georg Philipp Telemann, who formed the suggestive, Italianite-sounding pseudonym “Melante” anagrammatically from the syllables of his family name.
But even prior to the official launch, ensemble members had joined forces regularly over the past ten years and had appeared in the Chamber Music Hall of the Berlin Philharmonic. The origins of today’s Concerto Melante can be traced back to 1998 and the concert series “Members and Guests of the Berliner Philharmoniker on Historical Instruments” (IPPNW-CDs 24, 26, 32 and 48).
Four of the ensemble’s eight members perform with the Berliner Philharmoniker, the remainder belong to early music ensembles – all have played for years with the Berliner Barock Solisten, and some are even founding members.
The Concerto Melante regards itself as an extension of the Barock Solisten, as an enhancement and an alternative regarding repertoire choice, ensemble size (here much reduced), and the decision to use historical instruments exclusively.
Forthcoming on CD is a live recordings of a concert given on 5 October 2008 in the framework of the series “IPPNW-Concerts,” and featuring works by Telemann, Muffat, Schmelzer and others.
The members of the Concerto Melante are:
Bernhard Forck and Raimar Orlovsky baroque violins
Ulrich Knörzer and Walter Küssner baroque viola
Kristin von der Goltz baroque cello
Ulrich Wolff violoneBjörn Colell lute and theorbo
Raphael Alpermann keyboard instruments
Guest: Michaela Hasselt harpsichord
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