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IPPNW-Concerts-edition 1992-2010
Live-CDs of IPPNW-benefit concerts, chamber concerts of the
Berlin Philharmonic and studio productions

Some of the world's leading soloists and musicians from the great orchestras of every continent join together with numerous members of the Berlin Philharmonic in this programme of benefit concerts and CD productions by IPPNW Concerts (member of IPPNW, International Physicians For The Prevention Of Nuclear War, recipient of the 1984 UNESCO Peace Prize and the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize).
Time and again these committed artists have dedicated works of culture to the cause of preventing the arms race and the destruction of our world.
All proceeds from the sale of the CDs benefit those in dire need as a result of war, industrial and natural catastrophe, the long-term victims of nuclear explosions and accidents from Hiroshima to Chernobyl, and the work of the IPPNW.
More information IPPNW-Concerts, Dr. Peter Hauber, Eitel-Fritz-Str. 29, D-14129 Berlin,
Fax (+49) 30-802 76 17, info@ippnw-concerts.de